How to get JSPs to update in exploded EAR deployment on WebSphere?


I'm having trouble getting my JSPs to update in my exploded EAR deployment on WebSphere.  I have hotswap working (quite nicely!) and I have my run configuration set to "Build On Frame Deactivation/Build Web Resources Only" checked.  The file does get updated in my output folder "out/exploded/myEar/myWar.WAR/WEB-INF/views/my.jsp", but the file in WebSphere does not change.  The only way it works is to do a "make" which redeploys the entire application.

I'm fairly new to IDEA, so its entirely likely that I'm doing something wrong, but... any ideas?

I'm using IDEA 8.0.1 with WebSphere 

- GearDaddie

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As You have said your expoled dir is updated with new changes in JSP files all you have to do is to select it to be deploy be WebSphere.

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I'm probably not being clear.  What I'm looking for is the same behavior from IDEA that it provides with Tomcat.  IntelliJ will do a full deploy with Websphere, but it won't do incremental updates like it does with Tomcat (where it copies the file over to the deployed location upon Frame Deactivation).  JSPs (and other web resources) won't be updated (though HotSwap of Java code does work).

That said, I'm probably one of only two people in the entire universe using WebSphere and not forced to use RAD.  So I shouldn't be surprised that this feature isn't there...

- John


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