IDEA-8.1.3 - recognizing property files generated by Maven

I'm working on a Maven REST web-services project using IDEA 8.1.3 and Spring 3.0M3. The project has many Spring config files, but the main Spring config file - applicationContext.xml is flagged with syntax errors by IDEA since it can't find property names referenced in Spring beans (see attached screenshot) e.g.

    <!-- injects the maven build properties into a bean we can expose as an mbean -->
    <bean name="buildProperties" >
        <property name="version">
        <property name="groupId">
        <property name="artifactId">

These properties come from a properties file that is generated by Maven in the project's target directory. The project does build and deploy correctly.

Question: How can I get IDEA to recognize the property files and thus remove the flagged syntax errors. I looked at several related threads, but couldn't find anything?

Lines with the text highlighted above are flagged by IDEA as syntax errors.

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Hi, Viraf,

What technology do you use? Are you writing a plugin for maven/idea?

Anton Makeev


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