Maven Module name containing a "-web" becomes "nested" in IDE

OK, this is odd.

I have a Maven project which contains several "modules". All of the modules resided on the same "base" directory level (and have the same "group ID" and parent).

Two of my modules share a similar naming convention:

- "pseditor-web"
- "pseditor-web-app"

When IntelliJ IDE (build Diana-9821) creates a new project from Maven project resources... it makes the second directory (pseditor-web-app) a child of "pseditor-web".

Furthermore, the "pom.xml" and other contents of "pseditor-web" are not visible in the project view... just the incorrectly nested "pseditor-web-app" directory.


Any ideas?

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Hi, Jim,

In the Project View you see module names with nested conent roots. In this case the module's name is peditor-web and content root is peditor-web-app.

Anton Makeev


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