IDE Settings and Inconsistent Window Size

I haven't opened a tracker for this yet because I'm not sure whether it has one already or not. One of the problems I've been having with all recent Aurora builds is the fact that the IDE settings windows don't remember my window sizing preferences or maintain their size between categories.

The default window sizes are huge and usually the "OK, Cancel, Apply" buttons and half the window are located somewhere off my screen and I have to resize the window to get to them.

Obviously this wouldn't be such a problem if I only had to do it the once, but the windows don't remember size and each category seems to forget the previous category's size too which means I have to resize every time I want to view or change Project or IDE settings. This problem is highlighted even more if you prefer to use the "Classic View" for your settings as I do.

I'm using a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 so this really shouldn't be a problem.

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Current open defects - do a search on "ide setting"

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"Ok", "Cancel" buttons are hidden by the Windows button bar and can't be accessed

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Thanks Chris, I've put my votes in!! :)


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