Updating from SVN results in an error

I'm receiving the following error whenever I try to perform an SVN update from IntelliJ.

Error:svn: Failed to add directory '.idea/runConfigurations': an unversioned directory of the same name already exists

I've tried running an SVN clean and removing the directory so that it would be replaced on update but nothing seems to work. The folder is in SVN an IntelliJ does not recognize the working copy as something that needs to be added to VCS. For now my only way to get around this error is to exit IntelliJ and perform an SVN update using TortoiseSVN (which has no problems) and then relaunch IntelliJ. Any recommendations on how to fix this bug?

Environment: Windows XP SP3/IntelliJ 8.1.3 9886

- Justin
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I am experiencing the same problem. Did you ever get a resolution?


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