Intellij 9.0M1 and opening 8.1.3 Grails Projects


Just downloaded and installed 9.0M1 release.

I opened up a Grails project done with 8.1.1 and but I do not seem to to see the Grails Facet where I can indicate where my GRAILS JDK is located.

How can I enable "project Structure / Facet / Grails / Grails SDK Location for thjis module" ?




You should see a Groovy facet instead, where you can specify Groovy or
Grails SDK.


Clarifications after intensive testing.

1- Opening an exisitng 8.1.3 project does NOT enable the Groovy/Grails framework location subitem
(Only enable auto-detection appears)

The following message appears

Cannot determine module type for the following module:
The module will be treated as a Java Module

Cannot load 3 facets error message appears in the lower right exclemation mark .

2- Create new Project / Import project from external model DOES recognize the Grails Facets.


Plugins JARS are not in the classpath

Grails Plugin List is Empty (CTRL ALT K)

(That is where I,m stuck right now, can not lauch app)

3 And teh biggest issue of them all.....The grails logo is missing from the project name  

Hope this helps !



Have you received a message on startup saying that your module files
have old format and suggesting to convert? Have you accepted the conversion?


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