Frequent lockup in Linux (Idea 8/9)

Is anyone having problems with IDEA locking up frequently in Linux?

I have tried 8.1.3 and 9EAP, but results are the same.  It also does not seem to be related to JDK version.  I have tried 1.5 and 1.6 32 and 64 bit with same results, although I use the 1.6 x64 most of the time, and it happens about every 15 mins.  I can recreate pretty easily with a lot of menubar activity.  The jvm jumps to 100% CPU usage.

I have adjusted my Vm memory settings to use min 256M and max 2048M


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I get the lockup on my Mac OS-X.

Code reformatting also goes away.  I select the menu item but nothing happens.  I need to shut down IntelliJ and restart to make it come back.

Never had these problems before, they seem to start with the latest upgrade 8.1.3



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