YUI support?

Hi all,

When I open one of my javascript files that uses YUI, my file gets littered with warnings:

- "Unresolved variable or type YAHOO"
- "Unresolved variable util"
- "Unresolved function or method isArray()"

Is there a way to turn YAHOO-specific warnings off, or can I enable some sort of YUI support in IntelliJ?

Many thanks,

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I use YUI for daily development, and IDEA really do support YUI. Please put utilities.js in your project directory, then use JSDoc in your code, and you will be excited.   please take a look at the attachment.

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I have imported the YUI component files I am using in my project. The YUI objects and functions (e.g. YAHOO.lang.isArray) are now recognized in my project files.

Thanks for the tip!

I have been using the YUI Combol Handler, but I think I'll start using locally stored YUI files on my site. To get rid of the dependency to the Yahoo site.


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