Unexplicable Compiler Error

I have a project with three modules defined for it. Two are "utility" type projects and the third is a web module. It appears that since the introduction of a dependency on a jar file in web app, Intellij can no longer compile my project. It determines which classes to compile but then when it tries to compile the classes I get a very vague error message saying that the compiler aborted with error code 1. Even with -verbose set I can not get anymore information about it.

I narrowed it down to a specific jar file we built that contains some web service-y stuff. If I comment out the code that is dependent on this jar file, all is well. I would like to think it is the jar file but I can compile it fine using the same jdk from the command line and eclipse doesn't have a problem with this...so what could it be?

How can I get more diagnostics about this error. Not being able to compile the project is a bit of hinderance right now.




You can enable logging from compiler by adding "#com.intellij.compiler" category to the log.xml file.


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Thanks for the tip. If I get anything back that looks like a bug in IDEA, I'll report it.



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