History feature: rollback based on label for whole project not possible?

I really like the History feature of intellij where I can put a labels for the whole project.

But what I really miss is, that I can't revert the whole project back to this label. I can only do this on file-basis, which is very cumbersome. In my view if you are able to put a label on whole project it should also be possible to rollback to this label for the whole project.

Or did I oversee this feature?


I am not sure of how you can do it for the whole project. But you can do it on a module by module (or a package by package) basis. In the Project Tool window, right click the module name and select "Local History -> show history". In the dialog that opens, select the desired label and click the Revert button. You still need to do it for each module; but that's still a lot easier than file by file. Maybe someone else knows how to do it for an entire project.

There's a demo/tutorial that shows the above technique. It's the "Local History" demo listed near the button of this page: http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/training/demos.html#JavaDevelopment


FYI - I did find this JIRA feature request -- http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEADEV-21915 -- that requests project wide local history. So it would appear this local history is not available for the entire project. I'd recommend voting for that feature. Although it is an old one and may have fallen off JetBrain's radar. Maybe this thread will breath some new life into the request.


I see. I voted for this issue.

i think it is a quite important feature, i wonder why it hasn't been implemented yet...


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