IntelliJ 9.0M1 fails to start...


I recently downloaded Milestone 1 of IntelliJ9 and all is running very well. When I was experimenting with the vmoptions file, I ran into this hiccup. IntelliJ fails to start when I specify -Xmx > 1024Mb. I get the following error dialog:


My vmoptions file contains the following:


Has anyone else ran into this issue?



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i guess it's not problem of IDEA
it's problem of JVM
look at for explanation of this params

could you start any other java application with exactly the same params you couldn't start DIEA?

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Wi Wi, thanks for the quick reply.

DOH! I should have recognized that the issue is with the JVM... I reduced my MaxPermSize to 128m and IDEA started just fine. I searched for any JVM issues around increasing the MaxPermSize and didn't find anything directly related. I did find a few things about other apps faliing to start with the same issue, but nothing that addressed the problem rather than the symptom.


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BTW, if you use .bat file instead of .exe, you still can run IDEA with such parameters. I had the same problems with some builds before M1 as well as after it.


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