Obsolete our own requests?

As a discussion point, should JetBrains give the original reporter the
option to change the status of a request to Obsolete or Fixed? Like
others, I have some old requests that are addressed (either obsolete or
fixed) but don't seem ever to get updated as such. I'm not sure if some
of these will ever get visited again by JetBrain, but perhaps JetBrains
plans on sweeping through the SCRs at the end of 4.0 and cleaning it up.
If not or maybe even if so, should we be allowed to do some cleanup for


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I always just write a follow-up asking them to be marked as obsolete or fixed, as appropriate. It usually gets done within a day or so. One thing I'm careful to do, however, is not to ask for something to be marked obsolete or fixed because it's implemented in a plugin.



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