Problems debugging in J9

I'm having problems debugging remotely with 1094 on the J9 virtual
It's a long time since I've last debugged so the error may have been
there for a while.

When doing e.g. step over the following error occurs on the target:


Stack trace:
java/lang/Throwable.()V java/lang/Throwable.(Ljava/lang/String;)V java/lang/ClassNotFoundException.]]>(Ljava/lang/String;)V


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In order to make 'toString' evaluations much quicklier debugger group them and evaluate several 'toString' in one call to BatchEvalutor.

Debugger calls 'Class.forName' to find BatchEvaluator on the target machine.

Normally when debugger invokes methods all the exceptions are passed to the debugger but not thrown on the target.

Either you have custom class loader that behaves inaccurately and prints the stacktrace or this is the 'feature' of J9 virtual machine.

I think this exception should not affect on the program execution. You can ignore this exception.

In build 1106 i've fixed the bug, so debugger will try to find BatchEvalutor only once. So this exception will be thrown once during debug session.


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