"Tab Group" - additional option

I would like to see new option about "Tab Group". Right now I can change they orientation - which is very nice, but I believe that also it can be very useful if I will have the possibility to switch top with bottom tab group. Right now if I have 10 tabs on top and 10 on the bottom the only way I can make them appear in opposite positions is move manually all to one group and move rest. It pains ;)

Or maybe I miss this option somewhere?

Thank you for great editor

Jerzy Puchala

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I found easy solution to make it happen without tremendous (I believe) effort. Its enough to make "Change Tab Groups Orientation" to work clockwise.
Right now the tab groups change its orientation back and forth (for example right one become bottom, and back). If it will work as the right one become bottom, become left, become top, become right it will be possible to move Tab Groups to what place I wish.



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