Anyone else getting this funky ANT error?

Cannot start build.xml
Invalid implementation version between Ant core and Ant optional tasks.
core: 1.5.2
optional: 1.5.4

Not sure what's going on here :)

I'll post a bug about the hosed (changed) fonts on OSX elsewhere.

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I did get this a few build back - pretty sure it is because the implementation (version) of ant that Intellij uses has changed - or they have changed the way the classpath for your ant build task is generated.

When you execute your ant task from within Intellij, in the messages window (ant output - where your funky error message appeared), change the view to text mode (toggle tree/text mode button). Look at the first line (in blue) and you will see the command line that Intellij has generated to execute ant.

It is most likely that two versions of the ant jars will be in the command line classpath. The way I fixed this was by removing my duplicate ant jar from my project library, so only the intellij ant jars were used to execute ant.

Hopefully this should sort you out..


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