Unable to add a subclassed JPanel to palette

I'm running IDEA 8.1 on OS X. I want to add a new GUI palette component that derives from JPanel. When I add the component via the Add Component to Palette dialog, the derived component shows up in the palette. But when I try to drag it into a form, IDEA goes into a busy state and effectively locks up. I have to do a Force Quit from the system menu to get IDEA to stop. I've tried several combinations of component attributes -- Is container yes/no, create binding, etc. I even tried matching the settings with the existing JPanel component. The results are the same, even if the derived class is nothing more than a pure subclass of JPanel, i.e., public class MyPanel extends JPanel {}. I also tried it with overridden definitions of all the JPanel constructors that do nothing but call super(...). Is there some magic required? -- Thanks.

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For me IDEA just can't read custom components on Mac. Created an issue: http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEADEV-37862
On Windows it's Ok.


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