Flex Assets not compiled into swc?

I am having issues getting Idea Flex Modules to compile with assets.  The classes in the module are compiled and bundled in the swc as expected, but all assets (png, icon, fonts, etc) are not compiled into the swc.  Using ant, we build the swc with the classes and the assets compiled into the swc file.  The module is laid out as :

Module Content Root   --> Marked as "Sources"
     -> assets
              -> icons
                        -> icon1.png
              -> images
                        -> bg.png
                        -> bg_black.png
              -> fonts
                        -> app_fonts.swf
                          -> MyClass.as

The resulting swc contains only MyClass.  The compiler option include-file allows for the inclusion of the asset even if not referenced from a class in the same swc.

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Hi Matt,

Thank you for your feedback,
I've created an issue for that:

Currently the only way to have assets included in compiled swc is to use
custom compiler configuration file or to list all required files in
Additional compiler options.

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Thanks.  We have a number of asset only swc libs that we pull icons and images from...  Maintaining a custom compiler config for each swc, each with 100's - 1000's of images would not be a light undetaking.  We're looking to consolidate dev env onto IDEA from a combinationof FB3, eclipse and IDEA, and this is a holding point for us.

Appreciate it!


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The issue is fixed for the next Maia EAP.
Please look at the comment: http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEADEV-37628#action_381278
Is such solution suitable for you?

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exactly what I need!

Next Maia EAP will be available ??



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