Problem using 'find usages' on multi-module project (OSX) Bug or something I'm doing wrong?

Using IDEA 8.1.2, I have a project that has 3 modules.  One of the modules defines an interface, and when I have the class name selected I right click and select "Find Usages." From this prompt I select "implementing classes" and scope "Project Files" - which when it runs returns "No implementing classes found in project files." (Shown as a green pop up in left corner.)

However, if I go up to search "find in path" and select scope "whole project" and search for the string "implements MyInterface" - I DO get back results!

What gives? Am I not using 'find usages' correctly? It works fine finding implementations 'within' a module but doesn't seem to be working across modules within a project.

I've done file>invalidate caches and restarted. Same issue.

When I tail the log  /Users/rick/Library/Caches/IntelliJIDEA8x/log/idea.log .... nothing changes when doing find usages either so I don't believe an error is being thrown.

Would love some help with this. Thanks.

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Ok, after further investigation I see that I have to have module dependencies also configured - which, at first, I found a bit odd since I had logically grouped all my modules that are related into one project. I can see though how you'd want to also force the declaration of which modules are dependent on others, so to answer  my post question "I was doing something wrong"


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