UML class diagram

In IntelliJ 8's UML class diagram, is there some way to display
dependencies between all classes in the diagram simultaneously?

It seems to only show dependencies for the single class that is
currently selected.

I like that you can focus on a single class and its dependencies, but it
would also be nice to be able to see all dependencies simultaneously in
another mode.

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Hello Ted!

It will be done in next releases, as soon as major performance issues for dependency diagrams will be resolved. Now, such a filter (show all dependencies for all nodes) works really slow for big diagrams.

And of course, you can add new feature requests for UML-support in our JIRA


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If found that if you select all of the class nodes and then de-select and re-select the "show dependancies" button, we get what we want.  However when you go to print, or export, the selection handles around each class remain making the export useless for documentation purposes.  Is there any other way?


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UML class diagram shows all dependencies starting IDEA 9 (Maia). Try out Maia EAP


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