quick toolbar question

Hi there!

is there anybody out there who is using the toolbar regularly? I thought
about requesting to make it configurable for 5.0 but noticed that I am
hardly using it at all. The only thing that I use is the target
drop-down and the run/debug buttons.

I haven't used the save button in ages, same with open and whatever this
third icon is for. All editing is done by keyboard (copy, paste, cut,
and so on). Same with searching. I usually invoke the settings dialog
from the menu. Same with help.

What do you think about two things:
- to have it configurable (I'd like to add some of the CVS
functionality, which I believe would make me use it more often)
- have the option to keep it only above the Project pane (and have the
editor have more expensive screen space)

Dirk Dittert

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Dirk Dittert wrote:

The only thing that I use is the target
drop-down and the run/debug buttons.

Me too. Maybe there could be an option to place this beside the
ordinary menu or in the status bar... Or, as you said, over the project

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The ToolbarPlugin has some support for what you want. It's currently broken by the new OpenAPI (I think), but once I get around to updating it (hopefully this weekend?) you'll at least be able to remove items from the toolbar.

There's some support for adding items to it too, but you can't choose the icon for it yet, so for now you're stuck with a lame-o bullseye icon.

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Glad to hear it. I miss the toolbar plugin. I know I am an anomaly, but I use the mouse all the time.

Thanks, in advance, for updating it.


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