Search in Path Default Settings


I was wondering if there's a simple way to set defaults in the search dialog.

I started to poke at the Structured search feature, but that seems like overkill for what I am looking for.

All I'd really like is to have the "search in whole project" radio button be the default rather than the search in module.

Or just have the search parameters be saved from the previous use.

I slightly more advance feature that I am sure exists (but don't know how to invoke) is to be able to specify a range of files types to search, not just one. Is that as simple as a coma separated value list?

Its really annoying to have specify search "whole project" every time I want to do a search. I often forget and then wonder where my results are.

Actually, I suspect I am just doing something dumb here, and would welcome any tips (including - just use structured search. If I get the one, I just avoid not learning how to use it already.)

Thanks in advance.



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