Idea doesn't get my keyboard locale right under Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Hi everybody,

I am running Ubuntu 8.04 with Gnome. While my system language is English, my keyboard mapping is configured to be German, which works fine except in Idea:

Idea seems to think I am running a US keyboard layout. So the keymapping is totally wrong. 'y' is 'z' and so on. You get the idea.

Edited: actually, when I type a 'y', it's a 'y'. However, when I do "undo" with ctrl + 'z', Idea just cuts the line. The correct undo operation is ctrl + 'y'.

Since this is totally unusable, how do I make Idea recognize that I am running on a German layout?

Thanks for your help,

Tobias W.

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I thought it is a common behavior of keyboard shortcuts: they are assigned to a key, not to a character entered with a key. I.e. Ctrl+Z actually means Ctrl+(left bottom character key), whichever character is currently assigned to the key.

For me Ubuntu default text editor (gedit) behaves the same as IDEA. If I set current layout to German, then to type 'Z' I need to press top-row key (English 'Y'), but to trigger Undo (Ctrl+Z), I anyway need to press Ctrl+(German Y). Are there any applications which do different?


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I have had this problem as well.
I found out that the alternatives (e.g. de,us,en) mix up ubuntu (or IntelliJ).
I simply run "setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout de" in a terminal window to fix this.

Other applications did not show the problem with Z and Ctrl+Z.


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This behaviour seems to be Java related. I have the same problem in Netbeans 6.5. 'y' and 'z' behave correctly as such, however, 'ctrl + z' and 'ctrl + y' are confused.

My guess is that Java Swing applications in Ubuntu behave wrong.


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