Problem switching to another project instance on MacOSX (command-` not working)

I have two IDEA projects open in two different view ( I think IDEA calls them frames?) How do I toggle between them? Most MacOSX apps you can use command-`  but that only seems to allow me 'one jump.' Subsequent presses of  this key combo just quickly highlight the 'view' menu item but that's it. No switch takes place.

The problem is compounded when I'm in my groovy file and I use command-` since that brings up "Quick Switch Scheme."

Do I need to modify some default keyboard shortcuts to get typical window switching behavior? (The only reliable way for me to swtich now is to right click on the IDEA icon in my Dock and choose the window I want... which is a lot of wasted time when command-` should work.)

Thanks for any input.

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Hi Rick,

The way you get it to work is exactly what you describe. First, copy the default Mac OS X keymap to your own (if you haven't done so yet) and then remove the Command + ` shortcut for 'Quick Switch Scheme'. Of course you can choose to use another shortcut.

Note that you do have to restart IDEA, or it won't work. At least it didn't in my experience.

Good luck,



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