Performance of modules compile?

As I am setting up our modules for the first time, I am compiling the
modules directly (to be sure its setup correctly and to verify
dependencies). It seems that compiling a module with a deep dependency
chain takes an order of magnitude longer than compiling the entire code
base did with our single module project. (The project make /does/ seem
to be quite snappy.)

Is this to be expected? Is it because each module in turn must
independently load all the classes it depends on? Or this just a symtom
of full module recompiles? Will this always be the case? (Probably ok if
it is as long as the project/module make/build is fast.)

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It takes more time mostly because for each file it should be checked whether it belongs to the module being compiled or to the one
of dependent modules (recursively).
Currently we are profiling compilation behaviour and hopefully we'll improve the speed in the newer builds.

BTW in order to verify module dependencies "make" also will do the job.

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