sharing modules between projects under version control

I'm very new to intellij and would like to know how to share modules between projects in a way that work cleanly with subversion.

In other words lets say I have modules "X" "Y" and "Z".

I have two projects that each use two of those e.g

project1 -> X & Y
project2 -> Y & Z

How do set things up so that I can checkout 'project1' from SVN and have it also check out the modules X and Y from thier respective repository locaitons ?, and ditto for 'project2' and modules Y and Z. Obviously the intention is that both projects will reference the same repository locaition for Module Y.

Really in general I'm just looking for any clean strategy for sharing code between projects at at a source control level (i.e. WITHOUT having to resort to referencing all shared code as external pre build libraries).


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An option that works for me is to pull the modules using svn:externals.

I would also be interested to know what JetBrains recommends concerning this and if svn:externals is a good solution.


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