Licensing problem with multihomed machine

I have a machine on which I'm running VMWare. VMWare installs two network drivers of it's own to implement it's virtual networking. These drivers show up as multiple addresses for my machine. When I start IDEA it thinks that I'm running it with the same license on two different machines and gives me a message that the license is being used elsewhere and gives me the IP address of one of the virtual adapters.

This problem was present in 992 but if I rebooted I could get rid of it. Now with 1035 I can't even run IDEA without disabling these virtual network adapters which has a very high pain factor.

-- Les Walker

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Looks like it was my bad. I rebooted again and it went away. I think that it's only a problem when I get a new EAP version and don't reboot.

-- Les Walker


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