Find Filenames that match pattern Intellij 7.0.3

Is there a way to return all the filenames that return a pattern from within the intellij IDE via some sort of find?

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I use IntelliJ 8.1.1 (Diana), but this feature I'm about to mention is also available in IntelliJ 7. Enter ctrl-shift-N and in the popup menu, enter the regex of the file that you're looking for. So if you're looking for a file beginning with the letter P (doesn't have to be a Java file), just enter that letter and IntelliJ will come back with a window showing all matching files. This nifty feature also understands regexs like *vest* i.e. find all files in the project that contain the regexp 'vest' - so files like, and divestiture.xml will be found. See attached screenshot taken from IntelliJ 8.1.1 (Diana) running under Ubuntu 8.04.


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