Creating Flex Modules with IntelliJ

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I am just trying to create a Flex module (not a IntelliJ module, but a mx:Module as described on Such a Module must be compiled to a SWF just like an application, so I choose 'Application' as Output Type. However Idea seems to assume that there must be an MXML component that inherits from mx:Application. I cannot choose the Module as Application Entry Point and therefore I am unable to compile it using the IDE builder without a custom compiler configuration file.

Will I have to provide such a configuration file in order to compile a module or is there an easier way?

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Hi Carsten!
Since is fixed you
may choose classes that extend mx:Module in "Application entry point"
combobox. If by some reason required class is not in the combobox you
may choose any class by clicking at "Choose another class as entry
point" link. I recommend you to download latest IntelliJ IDEA EAP from


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