code style settings very confusing

I just had to work with the code style project settings and find those very confusing.
There are options which apply to more than one type at the same time (General). Most of the options have generic names but only apply to java code (without telling you), i.e. code generation, alignment and braces, wrapping, blank lines,...
And then there are per-type options which duplicate setting names, e.g. XML contains seperate settings for wrapping, blank lines and spaces.

The child items of "Code style" are unsorted, alphabetic order would be good, I think (and in the other settings, too).

This is really confusing. Is it possible to get something easier for Idea 9? Maybe grouping by type (Java, XML, CSS, HTML) and moving the general settings into the seperate types.
And often the options names don't say exactly what they'll do. Maybe tooltips which show the information of the help?

There are just suggestions to make IntelliJ even better. I can submit Jira tickets if requested.

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