Examples Of User-Added Improvements To IntelliJ-Generated Ant Build Files?

Would anybody be willing to share some samples of how they're improved IntelliJ's generated ant builds?
In particular, I'm keen to establish a clean approach to generating jars, and to simplify war file generation - in such a way that is compatible with the paths and directory layout that IntelliJ has already established.

My motivation: if you have used the Build->Build Jars menu item to have IntelliJ build Jars for one or more modules, if you subsequently use the Build->Generate Ant Build menu item to generate an Ant build, the resulting build does not include any targets to generate the Jar files. The exception to this is for modules that include a Web facet - in which case the war file IS generated. Unfortunately the ant targets that generate the war file are quite ugly. In particular, the copying of libraries does not re-use library path definitions - they are duplicated, so any library path modifications need to be made in multiple places.

These JIRA items point out the shortfalls I mention above:

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