IDEA what a treat!

I don't know why I haven't stumbled into that one earlier. Maybe you just added it or it is just the first time I needed it but what a delight!
You made my day (I know. Pretty pathetic...;-)! I too often forget how powerful and smart IDEA is.

Thank you for such an amazing product. Don't let the current atmosphere get to you. Keep making this IDE even smarter.

You might wonder now what I stumbled across right?
Simple and I am sure most of you knew this one:


I changed getBeanFactory() to reader.getBeanFactory() which returned the same instance but casted to a base class of what getBeanFactory returned. That base class did not have the registerSingleton method. only that derived class does.

So I use Ctrl-Alt-T to cast "reader.getBeanFactory()" into the proper type with the live template ((Type) expression). I am using Spring which has a pretty deep factory hierarchy. I was bracing myself to remember the proper type and...
I did not have to... IDEA figured it out for me!!!


That you guys thought of this one and implement it blows me away. In the delight and wow scales, you score 11 out of 10 with me I can tell you.

Well go back to work now. I am still waiting on 4.0 to be finished so we can fight again to get more refactoring and advanced search and ... that will be another story...

An old timer.

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