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Hey all.  I'm trying to get the Web Preview feature to work in Intellij 8.1 w/little success.  For instance, when I right-click on an html form and select "Open in Browser" I get the dialog "Browser Error - Please, configure Web Facet first".  I do have a web facet configured.  Obviously, I've not configured it the way it needs.  Any help here?  I'm previewing 8.1 for my team to see if it is worth the cost of upgrading and would very much like to use some of the new features.  I'm using struts & weblogic 8.1.  Thanks.


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It seems like the file you're trying to open is not under web-facet's resource directories (idea will look through all "web resource directories" and all of the _checked_ "source roots" in web-facet configuration to determine web-facet which will be used to build an URL for web-server).

So check if file is under these locations and try again. Hope it will help.

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