How are you suppose to use Maven Integration?

So I have a project that has pom files and references several artifacts. But the problem I have is that often I want to work on the latest version of some of these artifacts and it's not clear to me how the project should be setup. Initially you add the top level pom file and then synchronize and it creates a module. This module then references jars for each of the dependent artifacts that are referenced. In general when I work on code I will create a module dependency to replace the jar for the artifact that was previously referenced. Eventually you end up with navigation issues where after you've replace a referenced jar with a module the code that the editor shows will be from a different version and if old version aren't compatible anymore it will show warnings everywhere.


Where is the documentation that explains how you how you're suppose to work with Maven Integration such that you can easily manage your new code as modules in the project without the need to publish new version of artifacts in order to test/run your code? I have a project that works as expected when built from the command line and works in the Editor when  it relys on it's source jars from the repository but often I want to detatch the referenced artifact and use a module dependency instead.

I've stumbled on which appears to be where the Idea Maven Integration was derived?

Does the creation of the project in IDEA upon synchronize follow the same rules as those outlined in the aforementioned URL?

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Hi, Robert,

If you have access to the corresponding artifact's sources you can simply add it's pom into managed Maven project (+ button on Maven Projects tool window) and the artifact will be resolved as a module dependency.
Hope I understood you correctly.

Anton Makeev


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