Format Json

Hi all,

I was wondering if it's possible to format JSON code with IntelliJ. Currently, I have some JSON which looks like this:

[[{"id":1,"class":"Train","latitude":47.9329065912321,"longitude":12.041015625,"name":"Train AA","ontime":true},{"id":2,"class":"Train","latitude":47.9862451742621,"longitude":13.436279296875,"name":"Train AA","ontime":false},{"id":3,"class":"Train","latitude":48.0890879988176,"longitude":11.8185424804688,"name":"Train AA","ontime":true}],[]]

And I was wondering if this could be formatted a bit better using IntelliJ. I tried pasting it in a .js file, but reformatting did nothing, unfortunately.

Thanks for the help!


I think the functionality is missing.
I also needed this a couple of times.

Please report this bug ( ) and post the bug number here so I can vote.


Btw: I've created a plugin to support this functionality, and I'd like to invite you to try it out!Picture 1.png


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