Maven integration and working with code in the editor conflict?

I'm often up against the wall because I want to work on a module which corresponds to an artifact that is referenced as something that exists in my repository. So often I want to be able to work on a more recent version of that module by creating a module dependency for it instead of the reference to the artififact from the repository. Secondly sometimes I want to be able to have a module's created from a pom.xml file and then create module dependencies as needed based on what code I'm overriding or working on. It seems you can only ever reimport all maven projects which then overrides all the manual "shuffling" you've done with respect to your module dependencies that you've created for things you're working on.

What is it that is wrong with this work flow? I'm trying to use code coverage and for that I need to be able to view the source in the editor and ideally work on a maven artifiact as a separate module in my project defined as a  module dependency to any module that depends on my changes.

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