GUI Designer will only generate GridLayoutManager code


I think I'm going insane.  Our company IDEA install is 7.0.4, and I'm going up the wall trying to do the most basic thing with the GUI Designer.

In Settings, I've set the GUI Designer to default to GridBagLayout, and automatically generate Java source code.

1st problem:
I create a dialog (right click on package, and select New->Dialog), and find the layout manager is set to IntelliJ's GridLayoutManager.

2nd problem:
I set the LM to GridBagLayout and hit build, and the code generated is for GridLayoutManager.

In both cases, my preferences are ignored.

Can anyone tell me how I can design a dialog based on standard Java layout managers?


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"Dialog" is hardcoded to use IntelliJ GridLayout. It is not affected by default layout option. You can change its panels' layout after creation, just notice that Dialog uses 3 or 4 sub-panels, and to avoid IntelliJ layout you have to change it for every panel. Also the resulted GUI will not be so fine.

"GUI Form" element is affected by layout option.



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