Idea 8.0 Maven classpath order ?

We have been trying to use the built-in maven support for idea in both version 7 and 8, and its never been quite successful.

Mostly the problem seems to be related to the order of the classpath items not being correct. This is not really strange, since maven itself has changed this ordering 2 or 3 times in the last4-5 minor releases. In 2.0.9 they finally switched to "pom" ordering of classpath.

Now I understand that my classpath problems may stem from the merged main/test classpath in idea, but can someone confirm that idea 8.0 uses maven 2.0.9 ordering of the classpath ?


Kristian Rosenvold

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Hi, Kristian,

As a matter of fact IDEA uses Maven Embedder to resolve the classpath, thus it can be different from 2.0.9's classpath.
Maybe you could provide some particular example when the classpath is incorrect?

There is a issue that may be relevant ti the problem:

Anton Makeev

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It seems like this issue has been resolved with later versions of 8.X.


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