A little to much...


I discovered that IDEA is eating my memory like crazy. I realy mean it. 200M for 4 opened small classes is IMHO to much.

I have Mandrake with Gnome + 512M of RAM and IDEA after reaching 198M is basicaly dying.

Clicking "Run garbage collector" is not helping any more.



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Where are you looking for memory usage? I'm using Linux and top says IDEA is using 199mb, but it's actually only using 80mb.

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I was not looking at the real memory usage. Just after I start - IDEA shows 100M for 4 opned files (in 977 it takes only 29M). The problem is that after next 10-15 minutes the usage which IDEA shows is 198M and regardless of real usage the response time is unacceptable. I do not care if it takes X amount of time to compile something (at least not in EAP), but IMHO its bad if I can overtype text editor on P4 2.6GHz.

Its just simple measure. This points to any activity. If I decide to refactor - I would like to have it done faster than I can do it just by typing. If its faster, and with no errors - I am happy.

If I decide to type "public void foo()" - I like to see this as I type - not 1 second later. Especially that my project has just about 500 classes, which is not even big.


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I have 10 files open, with about 2500 classes in the project (not including numerous libraries).

I'm currently at 66 meg, having peaked at about 118 (although that usually doesn't mean anything).

After closing and re-opening I start out with 50 megabytes for the same 10 files, and after garbage collecting, I find its about the same. By the way, the 66 meg included running one of our applications, so I would think it wouldn't be that much extra memory (most of it is in the other VM's heap).

By the way, all these measurements are of my heap size, not actual memory.

In any case, I have noticed no noticable difference in editor performance between this release and the previous 2. I do have 1 GB of ram, so perhaps I won't notice it until the GC starts kicking in too frequently.



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