Please convert the Intellij's vertical toolbar in Output Tool Windows into into horizontal toolbar.

For a long time I have been using Intellij, I always lament about the deficiency of having vertical toolbar in Output Tool Windows  because one either have to enlarge the height  to view all the button, or click the More icon (arrow image) to view out-of-view icon buttons. What is more dismay is that the Stop icon is sometimes hidden (due to the height of Output Tool Windows ) and extra click need to show it . Beside, it is frustrating that it is easy to click on the Help button (located just beside Stop button) accidentially which endup wasting time loading Help (it suren't be there in first place).
There is simply no advantage at all in using vertical toolbar, a view that is shared by FileMaker which dispel with vertical sidebar due to customer
s request and convert into horizontal toolbar because there are more screen estate to use horizontally then vertically (the height is always lessen the width in computer screen, and hence height estate is precious), and FileMaker soon learn that it has benefit in reducing click, and allow more buttons. It is even more so as the title area in Output Tool Windows is greatly underutilized as it currently only show Source Name, and window management icon buttons.

Therefore, can Intellij please consider converting vertical Toolbar in Output Tool Windows into Horizontal toolbar, and I believe the customer will appreciate that. It is long overdue.

I have mocked up the change in Intellij and attach it as image file. The toolbar that appear vertically is been placed horizontally, and can remove those unnecessary vertical toolbar space.

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Some plugings such as FindBUGS-IDEA have made their Output window toolbars dockable.
So you can have either vertical or horizontal tool bars left, right, top, bottom of the output.



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