Some breakpoints in external jar appear as X (broken)

I'm having problems setting breakpoints in an external jar file. When I set a breakpoint in the editor gutter, the breakpoint shows up with an X in it. The tooltip for the breakpoint gives the warning about Idea not finding executable code at this line. Needless to say, at run time I can't step into the methods, either.

Strangely, this only happens for some classes in the jar file. Methods in other classes will break fine.

The jar is contained within a module. The module exports the contents of the jar (the Export column is checked in the Dependancies tab for this module)

I've rebuilt the jar several times, making sure that the debug flag is set for the compiler.

I'm positive that the linked source is the same source used to produce the jar.

This jar is not present in any other modules, nor is it duplicated in this module.

I've tried a full rebuild several times.

I think that this problem started happening around the time of Idea 7, although I'm not sure.

I'm at a loss as to how to diagnose this problem any further.

Thanks for any help,
Willis Morse

Edited by: Willis Morse on Aug 12, 2008 8:50 PM

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What kind of run configuration are you using for debug? If it is "local" configiration, please check which module is specified

Best regards,
Eugene Zhuravlev
Software Developer
JetBrains Inc.
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I'm away from my computer for a few days, so I'll pick this up web I get back.

The one thing I forgot to mention is that this is a desktop app, so yes, it is a local configuration.


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I am having similar issues. I have a module that has dependencies on many external jar files.  For the one jar in particular that I am concerned about (the one where I wish to have a breakpoint inside of a method), the dependency is defined with Classes = the jar file as it exists in the classpath for this module, and the source file directories (2 of them) are the ones this jar was built from.  The debug configuration is a JUnit type if that matters.  The external jar is built using an ant script, but there is an IntelliJ module file for the files that make up the jar.

Any insights on this would be appreciated.  If you need more input, let me know.


- Steve Rowe, consultant


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