How do I diagnose this?

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What is going on here? I've closed my project, restarted IDEA, cleaned my caches, nothing seems to work. This class is available in two places in my project (once in a jar, once in source) but only in one from this module (source). If I CMD-click on the JCodeModel type it takes me to the right place, and if I CMD-click on getCodeModel and then on the return type it takes me to the same place. This is driving me nuts, and I can't compile inside of IDEA. How can I figure out where to look for this?


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I finally managed to fix this. The JCodeModel type and the getCodeModel() function are in different modules, and for some reason the one with the function requires a dependency on the one containing the type, even though it contains no source code (it's a module only containing jars).



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