IPR ping pong when checked into VCS


I work on a team which is using IntelliJ 8.0.1 on six different machines.  We have committed our IPR into Version Control because we want to share common Run Configurations, Code Style, Project Libraries (for a multi-module project), and Inspection Profiles.

Although all these machines are running the same version of IntelliJ 8.x on Windows, we've noticed that the IPR seems to change frequently:

1. Some attributes cycle; for examle, we see this ProjectFileVersion jump back and forth between the single line and multi-line mode.  Is this perhaps because some machines might have the Ruby plugin installed but others not?  The project is entirely Java; no Rails or Ruby.

-  <component name="ProjectFileVersion" converted="true" />
+  <component name="ProjectFileVersion" converted="true">
+    <converter id="javaee-modules" />
+    <converter id="ror-modules" />
+    <converter id="SelenaRunConfToDiana" />
+  </component>

2. Reordering of the order of Run Configurations in the XML file

3. A Tomcat run configuration which launches an Ant task before run frequently stops working.  We'll use the Edit Configurations... dialog to view the Tomcat run configuration, and notice that the "Run Ant task before" option is checked, but the Ant target is blank.

We observe this through the following changes to the XML  <component name="AntConfiguration"> tag:

-      <executeOn event="beforeRun" target="selenium-start-server" runConfigurationType="#com.intellij.j2ee.web.tomcat.TomcatRunConfigurationFactory" runConfigurationName="Selenium Backed Web App" />
+      <executeOn event="beforeRun" target="selenium-start-server" />


       <executeOn event="beforeRun" target="selenium-start-server" />
-      <executeOn event="beforeRun" target="selenium-start-server" />

How do other teams handle these issues?  Do you avoid sharing the IPR in version control?  If so, how do you share run configurations?  How do you replace Project Libraries?


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