Separate products

I would like to see two parts of IDEA as separately licensed products
1. Diff utility and API
2. Java Parser + DOM + Serializer (to serialize back to file) Is it what you
guys call PSI?


- Compare/Merge functionality is nice. In some apps we need to show users
changes between versions of their data.
- Parser and co because I have several code generation tools which can be
greatly improved if I have good java parser and object model. I will be able
to do merging of java source and forward generation at the same time or my
generation tools could even inject java DOM into DOM produced from original

"charles decroes" <> wrote in message



If you're on a unix platform (and possibly windows, since I think it's written in pure python) check "meld":

Should do what you want for a diff tool. Granted, it may not be as polished as IDEA, and you don't get to actually pay for it, but if you can get beyond those two points it's remarkably decent.


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