Mac User desperate for new version

Guys I know you are doing your best to get out the new version, but please understand that I can hardly even use build 977 because of assert failures that popup for unknown reasons ALL THE TIME! I will type some stuff and them poof, assert, assert, assert, assert, this is a duplicate, assert assert.

PLEASE, release a build that fixes this problem. If you only released a build that fixed this and left other things broken I would be MUCH appreciated :)


assert ignore assert ignore assert ignore

It's a mind numbing experience. I'm afraid to make changes to project properties because I know the assert monster is going to wake up.. :P


Hack your $INSTALL_ROOT/bin/log.xml file and comment out the "DIALOG" appender.

The errors will still happen, but they won't appear in your face.


Bless you my child! Bless you!


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