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I am evaluating IntelliJ IDEA.

I am writing a Groovy-based class that extends HttpServlet. When I build the project, the groovy file gets properly compiled to the out/production directory, but the class files for the closures do not get copied to the out/exploded directory, and so do not end up in the WAR file. The class file for the main HttpServlet-derived class does get copied.

Is there something I need to configure to get the other class file to copy over?

For example, I have MyServlet.groovy. This compiles to MyServlet.class and MyServlet$_closure1.class. The file MyServlet.class gets copied to the out/exploded directory and into the WAR file, but the file MyServlet$_closure1.class does not. Both are in the out/production directory.

I am running Groovy 1.5.7, IDEA 8.0.1 on 32-bit linux, Java 1.6_10.

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I've written and compiled a dummy Groovy class with closures:

public class Serv extends HttpServlet {
    def closOuter = { println "Hello." }

    public void context() {
        def closInner = { println "Hello." }

Both closure .class files are present in out/production and in out/exploded.
How is the same class processed in your project?



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