Javascript debugging in JSP files

Hi everyone,

I have nearly reached the end of my 30 days evaluation phase. So far, I really liked Intellij IDEA and was just about to buy a license. Anyhow, I have just found an issue (or maybe not) that is really important to me: Javascript debugging in JSP files. Usually, I develop Struts 2 or JSF applications, both using JSP files for the HTML content. And of course, those JSP files nowadays have a lot of Javascript code inside. IDEA supports Javascript debugging (in HTML files) but I just cannot get the Javascript debugging to work in JSP files. Is there something I am doing wrong? Or is it not supported at the moment?

As I have only 3 days left for evaluation, a quick response would be very helpful! Many thanks in advance!


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Sorry for this bump but I have only 1 day left for evaluation... :-(

Thank you,

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Hi Stephan,

sorry for having you waiting for so long and making your evaluation unnecessarily adventureous..
This is interesting, since the replies from the newsgroups don't seem to propagate into the forum for some reason.
Alexander Chernikov has replied a couple of days ago  already. Attaching his post

Feel free to send me your email address to vaclav at jetbrains dot com so that we can arrange something for your evaluation.


I've managed to debug dummy JSP with JS in two ways. Before the start,  I've made a deployment configuration for my web app (used Tomcat 6,  local server), including the JSP with JavaScript. Chosen to use Embedded  browser.

Now way A.
1. Start the configuration in Run mode. Run window opens, deployment is  performed, embedded browser opens.
2. In the browser type the address of the JSP, load it.
3. Press Debug button in embedded browser. The HTML source, generated  from JSP, opens in the IDEA editor. Debug window opens, next to existent  Run window.
4. Set a breakpoint inside JavaScript code in generated HTML.
5. Refresh the page in embedded browser. Breakpoint works.
The double page loading (steps 2 and 5) may be confusing, but necessary  with this scenario.

Way B.
1. Start the configuration in Debug mode. Debug window opens, deployment  is performed, embedded browser opens.
2. Set a breakpoint inside JavaScipt code in original JSP.
3. In the browser type the address of the JSP, load it. Breakpoint  works. Debug is performed in the already started debugging session.
I am just not sure, how much correct is the debugging a JavaScript in  the same session with debugging web application. Will it cause side  effects or is it Ok, etc. (Just not yet investigated this point.)


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Hi Vaclav,

thank you for the response. Using the hints from Alexander debugging of Javascript inside a JSP page worked fine.

Concerning the evaluation we don't have to arrange anything because I have already ordered my IDEA license which hopefully arrives today :-)



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