IDEA 8.0.1 on OSX 10.5.5 won't save SVN credentials

I originally posted a thread related to IDEA 8.0, but the problem persists in 8.0.1:

In IntelliJ 8.0 on OSX 1.5.5, I can't get the IDE to remember my SVN VCS credentials. Every time I perform any SVN operation in my projects, I am asked for my password multiple times. If I enter the password each time, eventually the operation succeeds. If I cancel any of the authentication dialogs, the operation fails. Checking the "Save credentials" button does nothing.

If I do an 'svn update' from a terminal, my credentials are properly cached.

If I open the same project file in IDEA 7.0.4, reconfigure the VCS root to make it forget my credentials, and try the same SVN operations, it asks for my credentials once, saves them, and all is well.

What could be happening here? Command line SVN works, IDEA 7.0.4 works, but 8.x refuses to cache my credentials.

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Another use case which results in the same behavior:
1. Open the SVN Repositories tab
2. Click + (Add Repository Location)
3. Enter a known SVN URL to browse, press OK
4. Right-click on the newly added SVN Repository entry, and select "Refresh"
5. When prompted with the "Authentication Required" dialog, enter credentials and check "Save credentials"
6. I am then forced to enter my credentials 4 times, clicking "Save credentials" each time, before the operation finally succeeded and I was able to browse the URL.
7. Go to step 4

This is the general loop I encounter when doing ANY Subversion related operation in Intellij 8.0.1 in OS X. Since my last thread had over a hundred views with no replies and this one seems to be on the same track, I'll go try and file a bug.

This issue has rendered IDEA 8 100% unusable for me. I get the same loop when trying to diff a file against SVN, viewing a file's history, committing, updating, or doing literally anything SVN related which requires a connection.

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A workaround was posted in the Jira issue which I have confirmed resolves the issue:

It also mentions an 8.1 EAP build which solves the problem without the necessity of the workaround.


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