Flex3 support?

I just wanted to try out the Flex support in Idea 8.01.  I've never used Flex before, so please help me out
I'm using Linux.
I could not find a lot about Idea and Flex. There's a tutorial but that's about using Flex with Idea 7.

I installed the Flex3 sdk.
Then I created a new project and added a flex module. Idea created some files.
Fine to far. I made sure that I can start the compiler on the command line.

Then I wanted to build the project. Idea started a compiler but I got the error message:

Error: unable to open 'src/HelloWorld.mxml'. (why can't I copy the messages from Idea's message window??)

What went wrong?
Did IntelliJ create a messed up example, did I miss something or is the Flex support just not working ?

Thanks  a lot for any help!

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I'm using the windows version but the solution might be the same.
If you have created an empty project and then created a flex module,
then you need to change the compiler-config.xml

It should currently contain:

but you need to add your flex module name infront:


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Thanks, that worked!

So I guess this means it's a bug because the new, valid path is highlighted in red by IntelliJ and the old, invalid path has been highlighted as valid.

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This solution might not always work - it seems to depend on where your source directory is relative to your IPR file.  See   where I explain what I found.


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