IntelliJ memory at startup?

Is it possible to specify how much memory intelliJ should have at startup?

(so that the garbage collector not is runnning so often.)


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This is quite easily done.
When you have the IDEA version that is started through a batch file, open the batch file and search for "%IDEA_JVM_ARGS%". Here the JVM parameters are set with which IDEA is started. Two of the options are of interest here : -Xms16m and -Xmx128m. The first one specifies with how much memory IDEA starts and the second specifies up to how much memory IDEA may use. You can for example set them to -Xms516m and -Xmx516m to give IDEA a constant amount of 1/2 GB RAM. This always worked fine for me.

If you use the version with the launcher (idea.exe on Windows) you'll find the same options in the idea.lax. Search for "" to find them.

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Perfect. Works great now.


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but how do you do it on Mac OSX? I've seen an idea.plist file, which would normall hold the settings, but altering the settings here makes no noticeable differance to operations.


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