Idea integration with XDoclet?

While I've been using Idea for quite some time I'm a relative newcomer to xdoclet, forced to using it to avoid the hell that is J2EE deploment descriptors (someones very very bad idea). Now that I'm using xdoclet life is better, but there doesn't seem to be any integration between xdoclet and idea. Give the fact that other more 'niche' technologies such as aspects have been added, I'd like to know when something that is arguably much more useful such as xdoclet will be closely integrated with the product.

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i would appreciate it, too
in the meanwhile you cann add the xdoclet-tags via options->IDE-settings->errors->additional javadoc-tags

then you'll have syntax-completion on them

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to make life easier you can copy them from here (not exhaustive):

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A while back I created an XDocletGUI plugin for IDEA that used the xtags.xml files in each XDoclet (1.2) module to provide some form of assistance. Unfortunately, (a) auto-complete wasn't possible because the open api didn't expose the functionality, and (b) I haven't worked on it for quite a while, so it may well not work with the current eap - but if you want, check out the the xdocletall module from cvs and see how you go.

I may even see where it's at myself...



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